The power of the few

Church Supporters Network exists to provide immediate care for Christian churches that are aspiring to spread God's Word and make a positive difference in the world.  Our goal is to bridge difficult times, coordinate appropriate assistance, and enable church staff and lay leaders to share the love of Christ with their communities with a renewed strength.

We believe in the power of the few gathered in His name. We believe that when it comes to making disciples, the popular saying, “bigger is better” does NOT apply. We believe that local churches have special advantages that can be optimized for the cause of Christ, and the size should never discourage any church from being the beautiful bride that Christ calls us to be.

We are eager to hear your story as a church, where you’ve been, where you are now, and discern together what kind of legacy He wants you to leave behind moving forward.

Providing Pastors

Providing Pastors

We provide immediate interim preaching and pastoral support when you need it.

Providing Pastors

Discovering Solutions

We work together as a team to find relevant solutions to your ministry challenges in your church.

Providing Pastors

Extending Care

We assist with conflict resolution within your church and offer individual counseling to pastors in need.